Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Canada: Muslim Youth Organisation NOT a charity! *gasp*

From the National Post:

Canadian Muslim youth organization loses charitable status

Sarah Boesveld Mar 6, 2012

A Canadian Muslim youth organization has been stripped of its charitable status after a Canada Revenue Agency investigation linked it to a Saudi-based group that allegedly financed Islamist terror campaigns.

An audit of the World Assembly of Muslim Youth revealed the charity had developed ties to a number of organizations that allegedly helped fund al-Qaeda operations around the world and failed to comply with a number of standards required for charities to maintain their status.

In a warning letter to the Toronto-area organization last summer, CRA director-general Cathy Hawara said “our analysis of the Organization’s operations has led the CRA to believe…[it] was established to support the goals and operations of its parent organization, located in Saudi Arabia, which has been alleged to support terrorism.”...

There's a surprise - NOT!

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(H/T JihadWatch)

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