Thursday, March 29, 2012

Omar Khadr transfer to Canada imminent

From CBC:

A "frustrated" Omar Khadr could be back in Canada by the end of May, with both Ottawa and Washington poised to approve his transfer from Guantanamo Bay, where the convicted war criminal has been held for almost a decade, The Canadian Press has learned.

A source familiar with the file said U.S. Secretary of Defence Leon Panetta was expected to sign off on the transfer within a week.

"It's on his desk, it's ready," the source said Wednesday.

"The U.S. has no concerns about (Khadr)."

Much more here.

All I have to say on this? "Boo-frickin-hoo" and the usual Brat editorial non-verbal comment.

Previous column on Khadr. Yes, I have written on him more than once. For other columns here, just put his name in the search thing at top left.

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