Wednesday, March 21, 2012

One of America's Best: Sgt. Jamie Jarboe Rest In Peace

Sgt. Jamie Jarboe is most certainly an example of all that is good and right about the United States of America.

For the last few months this wounded warrior's wife Melissa has been sharing the journey she and her husband are travelling since he was wounded in Afghanistan in April 2011.

From around the world strangers have become attentive 'family' as we have held them all in prayer. I have struggled to find the appropriate words to share their story here, and been inadequate.

Today, from The Unknown Soldier comes this:

By His Side

Image courtesy: Melissa Jarboe

It's been almost a year since Army Sgt. Jamie Jarboe was shot by an enemy sniper in a tiny southern Afghanistan village.

Today, Sgt. Jarboe, who was paralyzed by the terrorist's bullet, is still in the middle of a monumental battle.

"Jamie is alive and fighting for his life," his wife, Melissa Jarboe, wrote to The Unknown Soldiers on Mar. 20....

Last month, I authored a newspaper column about the Jarboes. In recent days, however, some rumors began floating around about whether the wounded warrior was still alive. Wednesday morning on the Prayers for Sgt. Jamie Jarboe Facebook page, Melissa set the record straight...

I still have no adequate words to share to do justice for them, so go over here and read more on this amazing family.

If you are of the praying persuasion, add your prayers to the global prayer circle.

One thing I have learned in this lifetime, is that we can pray all we want for what WE think we need, but ultimately it IS out of our hands, so my prayer for this amazing family?

"Thy Will be done.."


From their FaceBook page:

May we please ask for a moments silence for Sgt Jamie Jarboe whom took his last breath this morning and was called to serve higher purpose. Funeral arrangements are being handled by Penwell Gabel funeral home in Topeka KS where Sgt Jarboe will be laid to rest on Saturday March 31, 2012. We will always remember "If you ain't Cav, you ain't shit!" Rest in peace soldier, you are loved and lifted in prayer by an entire nation and world supporting you!

(And because I still have no adequate words):

Rest in peace soldier, you are loved and lifted in prayer by an entire nation and world supporting you!

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Unknown said...

Such sad news, keeping them all in my prayers. I am awed by the love they shared, and humbled by their courage and strength.