Monday, March 5, 2012

New head of DoJ GITMO policy 'experienced'

BUT is this the kind of 'experience' we need at DoJ? Read on:

Attorney questions promotion of terrorist defender to head of Gitmo policy at Justice

March 04, 2012

A former Justice Department attorney who blew the whistle on his department's policies is now questioning the promotion of a former defense attorney for an American terrorist to the No. 3 spot at the Justice Department -- specifically charged with crafting U.S. policy on Guantanamo detainees.

J. Christian Adams, once an elections lawyer who accused the Justice Department of racial bias in its decision to not prosecute a voter intimidation case involving the New Black Panther Party, said Tony West's promotion from assistant attorney general for the Civil Division to acting associate attorney general is one more step toward letting radicals run the Justice Department.

"The most dangerous thing is that West is overseeing Gitmo policy. It's not that he's just some guy at the Justice Department licking envelopes," Adams told Fox News on Sunday.

Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group, noted that in Holder's announcement of West's promotion, he "conveniently omitted" West's role as the defense attorney for convicted Al Qaeda terrorist John Walker Lindh, who is serving a 20-year prison sentence after being captured in Afghanistan in 2001 while fighting with the Taliban.

"He actually pleaded guilty to aiding the Taliban and carrying explosives while fighting U.S. troops in the region," Judicial Watch noted of Lindh.

Adams said not only did West represent Lindh, but his firm was also involved in two other defense cases for terrorists working against the U.S.

"Tony West took on, and his firm, took some of the most radical causes for America's enemies before coming to the Justice Department," he said.

"When he took on the representation of John Walker Lindh, even after the sentencing, he was out shilling for him. He said things like ... 'I think he'll have a lot to offer after he gets out of jail.' I mean, what is he going to have to offer after when he gets out of jail? How to endear yourself to prominent Democrat lawyers? I mean there's no reason to be talking like that."
[emphasis mine]

I suppose by now that none of us should be surprised what Obama's administration does, but 'roll on November,' is all I have to say. I am hoping for some real radical change.

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