Monday, May 7, 2012

Former SEAL to BHO: Stop Using Us As a Campaign Ploy!

A few days ago, I posted a video put together by Veterans for a Strong America in response to POTUS claiming unearned credit for the death of Osama bin Laden.

Now a former SEAL has written an open letter to BHO, adding HIS voice to the ire rippling across the Military community.

Former NAVY SEAL to Obama: Stop Using Us As a Campaign Ploy!


Benjamin Smith is a very vocal former NAVY SEAL. And if you haven't heard of him yet, now is your chance to acquaint yourself with this guy because it will be people like him that saves America from heading down the Socialist path that Europe has taken.

Here is his letter, in full, via RadioPatriot.


By Benjamin Smith

President Barack Hussein Obama – STOP using the Navy SEALS as a campaign ploy. Because with all due respect, (what little I have for you), you do NOT speak for me.

You have a movie about SEALS within the past year trying to identify with me, with the navy SEALS, and with anything that might improve your polling numbers…and yet it is all a sham to hide a weak un-American man desperate to claim the victories of others for his own.

You Sir are trying to take the credit for what the American People have achieved in killing Bin Laden. Your use of the SEALs accomplishment as a campaign slogan is nothing less than despicable. I, as a former Navy SEAL do not accept your taking credit for Osama Bin Laden’s death. The American Military accomplished that feat.

Yet now that it is useful, you Mr. President, continue to refer to the event as if it were YOU and you alone which accomplished the worthy task of slaying one of America’s greatest enemies. You say “I directed”, “I Continued”, “My Intelligence Community”, “My national security team”, “I determined that I had enough….”, “My direction…”

Yet reliable sources continue to report that not only did you attempt to stop or delay Bin Laden’s demise, you did not even leave the golf course for the situation room until 20 minutes before SEAL Team 6 took out Osama Bin Laden. [My emphasis] Even the clothes you wore in the situation room betray this fact. This is a Commander in Chief? A man who takes credit for actions largely taken while he was out golfing?

We men who have taken the oath, say ENOUGH. You do not speak for me, a former Navy SEAL, or any one of the league of men whom I have earned the right to be among. You are simply a man running for an office. Yet you behave as a glory-hoarding ruler. You campaign to be our leader, yet in reality you wish to be our Master....

You just know there is MUCH more, and it is a must read here.

Mr Obama's "truth team" probably can't handle THIS truth, but in November, time for Americans to show them the truth of America..

[H/T Jane]

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