Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Wales: Primary teacher suspended for ties to Islamic extremist group

From JihadWatch:

Of course, this always happens. Primary school teachers are constantly getting arrested for ties to terror groups. To single out Sadia Malik would be "Islamophobic."

"Teacher Sadia Malik Suspended From Cardiff Primary School Over Islamist Extremist Links," by Lucy Sherriff for The Huffington Post UK, May 13 (thanks to Twostellas):

A special needs teacher at a primary school has been suspended over links to an Islamic extremist group.

Sadia Malik, a special education needs (SEN) coordinator at Cardiff Muslim primary school in Wales has been accused of "actively" promoting a banned hate group in the country's capital. According to the Sunday Times newspaper, which has accessed a confidential police report, Malik was present at a meeting organised by the Supporters of Tawheed group in January....

Do you know what your kids are learning in school today? Read the rest (and the comments) of this one here.

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