Tuesday, May 1, 2012

UK supermarket to stop stocking Israeli products

From The European Union Times:

UK supermarket chain cuts off Israeli products
Posted by EU Times on Apr 30th, 2012

British supermarket chain announces boycott of products from Israeli settlements.

Since 2009, Israeli items that are sold in the country carry a label stating the place of origin…

One of the largest supermarket chains in the UK, the Co-op, announced this weekend that they will not import any more agricultural products grown by Jewish settlements in the West Bank.

Some years ago, British retailers tagged products originating from Israeli settlements. However, this is the first case of a rupture with the suppliers in the region. The Agrexco, whose main client is the European Union, is the largest company of agricultural products from Israel, and is among the most affected.

The decision was a result of strong pressure from pro-Palestinian groups operating in the UK. However, in the press announcement, the Co-op group is keen to emphasize that this is not a complete boycott, and they will continue to purchase products of Israel, provided they are carefully grown or produced within the Green Line, the border of Israel defined at the end of the conflict with Arabs in 1949....

There is more here.

I reckon it's time for a boycott of the boycotter.

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Findalis said...

I stopped buying British products long ago. We're even!