Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Afghanistan: Why we are there!

I get so tired of anti-war/troop screechers who go on and on: "why are we there?"

Today, I found this picture which says - to me, at least - EXACTLY why we are there. Take a good look, and read the cutline.

10/08/2011 - U.S. Air Force Capt. Deana Porter, left, a physician assistant, assigned to the Laghman Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT), walks with a group of school children while on a patrol in Mehtar Lam district, Laghman province, Afghanistan, Oct. 8, 2011. The PRT visited with the social affairs committee to discuss building a second orphanage to provide care to children who have lost their families. (DoD photo by Staff Sgt. Ryan Crane, U.S. Air Force/Released)

These kids are exactly why we are there...

Any questions?

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