Friday, October 21, 2011

TSA expands trial of behavior analysis program

I previously wrote about the shortcomings of the TSA here.

Now, from Homeland Security News Wire comes this:

Aviation security
20 October 2011

Detroit's Metro International Airport will soon become the second test ground for the Transportation Security Administration’s (TSA) "chat down" program, as it is called by critics; under the program, which was tested earlier this year at Boston's Logan Airport, TSA security screeners ascertain whether a passenger is a threat or not based on their reactions to several interview questions.

The interviews are similar to what individuals encounter at a U.S. Customs checkpoint but are focused on terrorism.

Kawika Riley, a TSA spokesman, said the chat down program can help improve airport security.

TSA has long recognized the value of a layered, threat-based approach to transportation security and the need to focus more of our resources on people who potentially pose a threat to aviation safety, in addition to the system’s current focus on high-risk items,” Riley said....

There is more to this interesting article here.

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