Friday, October 7, 2011

U.S.-Canada reach border agreement

US and Canada have been quietly working on a US/Canada border agreement to stop the hordes of illegals/terrorists sneaking across the world's largest undefended border (because the US/Mexico border is so much safer these days. Really! A report says so!):

6 October 2011

The U.S.– Canada border security pact reached earlier this year by President Obama and Prime Minister Stephen Harper is nearing completion.

Under the agreement, the two nations will spend$1 billion to build new border facilities and implement programs designed to make trade and travel more convenient.

The two nations have struggled to secure the northern border against terrorists following the 9/11 attacks without impeding the flow of trade and people across the border. It is estimated that $1.6 billion in goods and 300,000 people cross the border each day.

Business leaders on both sides of the border have lobbied to streamline the bureaucratic procedures, which they argue has undermined a critical trade relationship.

To that end, the Beyond the Border action plan is aimed at removing some of the red tape that has accumulated over the last decade and will introduce measures that will help improve communications on customs and security issues....

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About the US/Mexico border? According to a report, called Safer Than Ever, released in August 2011:

All the recent statistics tell us that illegal immigration flows at our southern border have slowed dramatically [...] Moreover, recent reports persuasively demonstrate that violent crime rates along the U.S.-Mexico border have been falling for years and that border cities of all sizes have maintained crime rates below the national average...

Go read the rest of that here.

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