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Yon aims for another target: (Amoral Parasites Part 2?)

In late September, I shared the OED definition of "amoral parasite":
having no moral sense; unconcerned with right or wrong

OED definition of

an organism which lives in or on another organism and benefits at the other’s expense. 2
derogatory a person who lives off or exploits others.

I shared why I think Michael Yon fits that description, and to support my thesis, shared some others' columns on the topic of Yon's *journalistic* pursuits. Those writers are all military experts - either active duty or veterans. You can read my original column here.

Apparently, the Mikey Meltdown continues - and is gathering speed. I DO know, because he told his readers, that he said he would 'go it alone,' and last I read on his 'Dear Diary'...(FaceBook) he was wandering among the Afghanistan people, doing I'm not quite sure what.

It appears he has now retreated hastily to Thailand, after gaining no traction with scurrilous accusations against honourably serving members he was embedded with. How or why his embed ended, I can only speculate, and my regular readers know that is not my style, preferring to deal in facts.

What I know - because Yon has been very busy telling us in his own words - is that he has chosen another target, and has been maligning, slandering, yet more of our troops.

[Side note, from the OED:


  • the action or crime of making a false spoken statement damaging to a person’s reputation:
  • Compare with libel
  • [count noun] a false and malicious spoken statement

So who is he slandering NOW? Special Forces - active and veterans, is who. Read on:


Yon Crosses Special Forces

Michael_Yon_2010-06-13 Gov-Thailand

What does Yon do when people, including current and retired Troops oppose his rhetoric? He attempts to shut them down. What does Yon do when he is caught in a lie? He makes allegations in an attempt to shut up those with proof of the truth.

Recently, an online forum of Veterans and Actively serving Special Forces began discussing Yon's recent crusade against Army DustOff. The question of the forum, "Quiet Professionals" was what their thoughts were of Yon's call and petition to have the Red Cross markings removed from Army MedEvac helicopters. A few of their members had opinions about the concept, and of the author of the referenced article. The opinions on the subject matter were strong, but the opinions on the author were to become strong in manner in which Yon (mis)behaved himself.

A retired SF Team Sergeant noted: "From what I understand Yon has been "escorted" off some Special Operations bases"

"In any case, insinuations that I have been kicked off of SF facilities damage your standing unless you can provide evidence. None exists; it never happened." Michael Yon, 26 Oct 2011 1:14AM, continuing with a veiled threat: "I have turned down those opportunities steadily since 2005. Perhaps I should list the reasons. I think you would rather I not."

For the latest analysis from War On Terror News on the Michael Yon saga, go here.

To see Michael Yon, in his own words, try - and fail - to dodge proof of his false claims of "it never happened...." go to Professional Soldiers here.

Once upon a time Michael Yon was much respected for the work he did in getting out the real stories about the great things our troops are doing. Today? Not so much. (But hey, hit his PayPal!)

Pay attention.

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