Thursday, October 27, 2011

'Voice of Russia' perspective on BHO immigration policies..

Always interesting to see how the rest of the world - and their media - interpret US events. Voice of Russia is one site I regularly check. Today, they have a piece up on BHO's immigration policies. Quite the eye-opener. Read on:

Obama administration toughens immigration policy
Oct 26, 2011 13:28 Moscow Time

Although President Barack Obama ran on the platform of comprehensive immigration reforms, the Obama administration is deporting record numbers of immigrants. Last week, Secretary of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, told Congress that the administration’s new policy is to focus on deporting the most dangerous criminals within the illegal immigrant community and it is accomplishing its goal. And while the administration’s new policy puts a high priority on deporting criminal aliens, it also puts a low priority on deporting illegal immigrants who otherwise follow the law.

Like many undocumented immigrants, this woman didn’t want to be identified. She isn’t going back to her home country to get a visa and that means that she is joining the ranks of millions of illegal immigrants. Her story is somewhat unique because she doesn’t fit a typical profile – she is Canadian.

“My fear, you know, is that if I do get ID and they do run my name, I’m not gonna have a chance to go back to the Canadian Embassy, which is Canadian grounds, and renew my six months, but they’ll just send me back and I won’t gonna be able to come back.”

“I suffered something in San Francisco. And I called the police and they told me to go back to Canada, 3 o’clock in the morning, in the middle of a crack district. They wouldn’t help me because I was Canadian. They asked me if I thought I was the Queen of England.”

But some immigrants in America have emerged from the shadows. Arthur and his families crossed the border from Mexico illegally when he was a young child. He received American citizenship when he was 16. But he says many illegal immigrants continue to live in fear. The problem isn’t acute in Los Angeles, where there is a large Latino population and plenty of politicians that didn’t want to look unfriendly towards immigrants. But he says something as simple as a DUI checkpoint is a big deal if you are undocumented.

“There has been a fear of people caught through the driver’s license sobriety checkpoints. That’s the only time I’ve ever heard “all stay out of the street.” Even the Spanish-language media would alert people as well, like driver’s license checks. We all know what that means.”

Why is the Obama administration deporting record numbers of immigrants when the president ran on the platform of comprehensive immigration reform? ...

This really IS an interesting article. Go read here...

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