Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Canadian SF fall through the cracks

From The Record:

  • By Murray Brewster
  • Mon Jan 02 2012

Special Forces families fend for themselves

OTTAWA — Canada’s elite troops and their families have faced a “disjointed” level of social support from the military — and in some cases implemented their own programs to cope with the hardship and uncertainty of their lives.

The findings are contained in a survey conducted by the army’s special forces operations regiment, which includes the highly trained JTF-2 counterterrorism unit.

The survey found some units were “doing their own thing” to provide outreach to families.

“With the stand up (Special Operations Forces) units it has become apparent that there is a requirement to provide support to not only the unit itself but to the families,” says a briefing note prepared for the regiment’s former commander, Maj.-Gen. Mike Day.

The document, which provides a rare glimpse of the travails of the country’s most exclusive military formation, was obtained by The Canadian Press under the Access to Information Act....

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