Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Khalid Sheikh Mohammed and Military Commissions

I have written about KSM and the GITMO military commissions more than a few times. Back in March 2010, I wrote(in part):

Enough, already. KSM is a terrorist, plain and simple. He is not an American, and he does not warrant any civil rights accorded American citizens. BHO and Holder need to stop playing politics and do what is RIGHT: KSM must be tried and convicted in a military trial.

End of story. ...(here)

As everybody knows, that was not the end of the story of course. KSM, the man who beheaded journalist Daniel Pearl; KSM the mastermind behind 9/11 is now actually about to begin - finally - answering for his terrorist crimes.

From the NPR the other day came this:

Sept. 11 Case A Litmus Test For Military Commissions

Yes, using military commissions to hold these terrorists accountable may have been 'a controversial issue' for some, but not all of us think they should be given all the rights and privileges that are the God-given rights for Americans.

Diane Fairben (mother of 9/11 Paramedic Keith - who is on my sidebar over there):

As I have always said, I want the best defense and all the rules followed for the detainees, so it doesn't come back they didn't get a fair shake. If it becomes a death penalty case, there is automatic appeal process, just as in civilian courts.

There was never any torture at GITMO, and as I have said, the conditions there are better than in the US prison system. They have laptops and get all court paperwork via them as well as paper copies( within 24 hrs)

The judge has yet to give an answer as to his review of evidence and approve indictment. Though there is little doubt he will.

This is a military trial, and rules are different, and I can't understand why the bleeding hearts don't get that. These murderers are not citizens and don't deserve US constitutional rights...lawyer/client privilege may differ but, they are getting good defense from what we saw. This trial is in essence, a modern day Nuremberg, in my opinion. It's new territory, and I trust the military to do it right, more than I trust Obama.

Needless to say, I agree with Diane.

Enough political posturing, and cries of 'what about their rights?' has gone on. Enough terrorists have been released back to their homelands, only to rejoin the fighting forces hellbent on killing OUR Troops.

No more 'discussion is' needed, by either the politicians, nor the civil rights advocates. Daniel Pearl's civil rights were ignored, when his throat was slit. The 9/11 families' civil rights ceased when 9/11 exploded.

Enough! Let justice be served - NOW!

Pay attention!

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