Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Military Cuts are 'strategic guidance'?

The BHO administration is at it again: renaming their actions, and world events, to further their own political agenda. Their latest efforts to deflect and defuse miltary analysts and commenters' responses to their latest round of slashing of the US Military budgets - while their Troops are at war, and while their Veterans are returning from those wars - is to call their knife wielding abomination "strategic guidance."

Strategic guidance???? This fits the BHO MO perfectly, and is line with such things as his renaming the Global War on Terror some benign mumbo jumbo, which nobody I know bought into.

Since BHO went before the cameras for a press conference the other day at the Pentagon - something no other president in US history has done - flanked by 'supporting' Military personnel, I have watched as the media has dutifully repeated his words, and joined the chorus of calling these dangerous cuts something they are not! The DoD is working overtime to convince the public that there is "nothing to see (or worry about) here. Move along now!" but make no mistake. What BHO is set to have our Defense Dept do, has nothing to do with US National Defense needs, and is partisan, all politics, all the time. If that were not the case, why does he so often preface his announcements of Military issues with "I kept my promise'? Don't believe me? Do your own research. It wouldn't take you long to prove my point. Courtesy of the internet, there are lots of videos of his "I kept my promise.'...

Today from the DoD, as article as another Military leader is interviewed about the US 'strategic guidance':

Official: Strategic Guidance Recognizes U.S. NATO Commitments

By Donna Miles
American Forces Press Service

WASHINGTON, Jan. 9, 2012 – As the United States implements new strategic guidance that increases its focus on Asia and the Pacific, it also needs to pursue “smart defense initiatives” as it continues to honor its NATO commitments, a senior defense official said today.

Budget constraints will demand new efficiencies and new approaches to collective defense, Julianne Smith, deputy assistant secretary of defense for Europe and NATO policy, told reporters at the Foreign Press Center here.

Smith joined Assistant Secretary of State for European and Eurasian Affairs Phillip Gordon in explaining how the new strategic guidance will impact defense in the European theater.

“The trans-Atlantic relationship remains an essential source of stability in an unpredictable world,” Gordon said, with Europe remaining the United States’ principal partner in promoting global and economic security.

“And so the strategy outlined last week reaffirms our commitment to European security,” he said, and continued commitment to the so-called Article 5 responsibility to aid any NATO ally in the event of an attack....

More here, if you must. "...reaffirms our commitment to [... ]security...' Really? As I said to a Veteran the other day, 'can these politicans be serious'? Same for some of the Military bigwigs I have seen and heard, as the Mouth In Chief shares oh so sincerely with the msm his vision of America's future. I understand very well that our Military leaders have to be seen to being in step with the MIC if they want to keep their jobs, but the politicians? Even those of us non-Military types, and with even one brain cell with which to read, know that now is not the time to be slashing Military or Defense budgets to the extent that BHO is planning. No.

War On Terror News can always be relied on to give the straight goods:


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As scarey as our government is, I'm glad the GS is getting out. But who will be left to save us, if the smart ones get out??