Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Wake UP America: Reality Check

Wake Up America is a site that always has good information and analysis on the American political goings on - the plays and the players. WUA keeps their focus firmly on the FACTS, and two columns up right now are an example of this. The first is about the US deficit.

One Chart Says It All: Obama's Budget Deficits Compared To Other U.S. Presidents

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To even those Americans who are clueless, this graphic alone tells the story, but WUA has more.

The other column that is well worth the read talks about the GOP strategy in the upcoming election: using Obama's own words - and record - against him. As we all saw back in 2008, enough Americans were dazzled by the supposedly soaring rhetoric, and masterful use of social media tools, of this only ever 'present' junior Senator, to elect him to the highest Office in America.

Obviously, he now has a (dismal) record to campaign against, plus because of his love of microphones, and documenting his every utterance - you did know he has his own videographer on staff, who follows him everywhere, didn't you? - any opponent has a boatload of examples to choose from, to prove what a failure his administration has been. It seems the GOP has finally got a clue. Read on:

The Right Line Of Attack Against Obama: His Own Words

By Susan Duclos

Washington Post has a three-page article highlighting the "battle plan" set to be implemented against Barack Obama by GOP officials, for the 2012 presidential election.

Obama's oratory skills and speeches helped get him elected in 2008 and the GOP hopes the very same things will help to replace him as president in 2012.

Via Wapo:

With Republican voters in Iowa set to finally begin picking a nominee to challenge President Obama, GOP officials in Washington are quietly and methodically finishing what operatives are calling “the book” — 500 pages of Obama quotes and video links that will form the backbone of the party’s attack strategy against the president leading up to Election Day 2012.

The document, portions of which were reviewed by The Washington Post, lays out how GOP officials plan to use Obama’s words and voice as they build an argument for his defeat: that he made specific promises and entered office with lofty expectations and has failed to deliver on both.

Republican officials say they will leverage the party’s newly catalogued video library containing every publicly available utterance from Obama since his 2008 campaign. Television and Internet ads will juxtapose specific Obama promises of job gains, homeowner assistance, help for people in poverty, lower health insurance premiums and stricter White House ethics standards against government data and news clippings that paint a different reality...

Much more here.

Reality check? Sometimes, reality BITES!

Wake UP America!

*In the interests of full disclosure, I am also a contributor over at WUA, just as I am on WOTN. WUA and WOTN are both sites that I wish I had more time to spend reading, never mind writing on!

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