Thursday, January 26, 2012

Hackers attack U.S. railways

The terrorist tool of the future? You decide.

From Homeland Security News Wire:

25 January, 2012

Transportation security

Hackers attack U.S. railways

Hackers have seized control US railways // Source:

Last month hackers took control of passenger rail lines in the Northwest, disrupting signals twice and creating delays.

According to Nextgov, which obtained a summary of a 20 December meeting of Transportation Security Administration (TSA) officials , on 1 December train service on an undisclosed railroad “was slowed for a short while,” resulting in a fifteen minute delay across the system.

The next day, hackers once again disrupted signals, but their actions did not result in any delays.

Local rail officials immediately alerted DHS and TSA sprang into action, investigating the incident and providing critical intelligence to train operators to mitigate any potential damage...

Much more here.

Pay attention.

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