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UK-Trained Afghan Police Free Hostage from Insurgent Kidnappers.

March 17, 2011
by ukforcesafghanistan

British-trained Afghan Police based in the Nad-e Ali district of Helmand Province have proved their ability as law-enforcers, by freeing a 13-year-old boy held hostage by two insurgent kidnappers.

The boy had been snatched nine months previously in Nad-e Ali District, where he lived in the village of Shawal Kalay with his father, a civil servant in the district government.

Part of the ANP team which captured the insurgent kidnappers, pictured after the successful operation.

The local Afghan Uniformed Police based in the area, who are mentored by British soldiers, launched a special operation to arrest the two kidnappers and free the boy, after receiving intelligence about their location from local villagers.

The District Chief of Police for Nad-e Ali, Lieutenant Colonel Shadi Khan, who personally oversaw the operation, believes the insurgent kidnappers wished to extort and punish the boy’s father due to his work as a government employee.

Improvements in security throughout the winter in Nad-e Ali district have seen the British trained and mentored Police providing increasingly effective security, launching operations to protect the local population and drive back insurgent influence in the area. They are also increasingly dealing with more ‘normal’ crime incidents, as well as insurgent activity...

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