Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Prince Harry joins wounded soldiers in Pole trek

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29 Mar 11

Prince Harry is joining four wounded servicemen today at the start of their attempt to trek 200 miles (322km) to the North Pole from Longyearbyen in the north of Norway.

The Walking With The Wounded team training in Norway

The Walking With The Wounded team training for the North Pole expedition in Norway
[Picture: Copyright Walking With The Wounded 2011]

The soldiers are planning to walk to the Pole in just four weeks and aim to raise cash for the charity Walking With The Wounded.

Prince Harry, who is the patron of the charity, is joining the team for the start of the expedition at their base camp in Longyearbyen for three days of training and will then trek with the team for five days as they start their expedition high above the Arctic Circle.

Harry will then leave the ice on 5 April 2011 and return to Britain to pick up his military training.

Two of the four wounded soldiers are amputees. Cavalry officer Captain Guy Disney had his lower leg blown off by a rocket-propelled grenade in Afghanistan in 2009. And paratrooper Private Jaco van Gass had his left arm amputated at the elbow after a similar attack on operations.

Their goal is to become the first amputees to successfully reach the North Pole unsupported...

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