Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Troops, Warriors, Heroes, & Role Models

Over the years I have been involved in troop support and writing about our military, I have had more than a few discussions about calling our troops Heroes. Most of our military servicemen and women are really uncomfortable being called Heroes. "Just doing my job" is a common refrain I hear.

Yesterday I came across a column over at War On Terror News that is the best discussion of the definitions/destinctions of Hero I have come across. Read on:

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Troops, Warriors, Heroes, & Role Models

CavScout and Kid

On occasion, I run into a conversation about who are Heroes, or why not all Troops are Warriors. This has been brought up from two very opposite quarters recently. One was a Civilian Patriot who is very supportive of Our Troops. The other was an MSM journalist who happens to be a Veteran. It came as little surprise to me when the journalist "defriended" me on Facebook. He didn't like that I challenged his generalized conclusions with evidenced facts, or that I pointed out the hypocrisy of his intellectual crowd when they engaged in namecalling as their conclusions fell apart for lack of evidence.

But from time to time, it is necessary to define the terms I use on a regular basis. Our Troops include every member of the Armed Forces, from the farthest removed Airman from the battlefield to the Special Forces Weapons Sergeant that takes out multiple terrorists, in the dark, with his bare hands. The latter is a Warrior, while the former is not. They are both Honorable and both have embarked on a career to protect Our Nation, Our Freedoms, and Our Citizens, at the risk of their own lives, but one chose a profession that put the likelihood of facing the enemy much greater than the other.

The job of that Airman in the rear with the gear, hunting down terrorists on the web or typing up awards and pay issues is just as important as the job of the SF Weapons Sergeant on the front lines, but one is much more likely to devote himself to perfection, because if he doesn't, he will personally see the death caused by his mistakes, while the other lives in a world without significant bullets. One is more likely to be thrust into a situation where Valor is the option he'll choose over cowardice, but the other will not know until that decision is thrust upon him....

Of course, WOTN has much more, and it is a must read HERE.

Much food for thought, and yes, written BY a veteran. When he 'talks' I listen, and always learn.

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