Saturday, March 12, 2011

Diary of a French Girl

From Gloucester Times:

March 3, 2011

A different World War II diary

Jacqueline Mallen may speak with a charming French accent, but she is as American as they come.

The 85-year-old strawberry blonde has just published her first book, "Diary of a French Girl," detailing what it was like to grow up in Nazi-occupied Paris, during World War II and its aftermath.

In an interview at her Rockport home, she shared with pride her many documents related to that time, including a small certificate stating she was a member of the Resistance, her French air force credentials and her American citizenship papers, of which she is most proud.

Outside her home flies a large American flag, but inside there are vestiges of her native France, with paintings all round of the City of Lights and its grand boulevards and striking architecture.

Although born in 1925, Mallen retains a youthful spirit and still has her natural color hair. ...

Much more about this interesting woman here.


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oh my god i finally found this blog for my sweet Jacqueline...i am a bigg fan of her and wish her good luck for her u lott