Sunday, November 1, 2009

Carpe Diem: The 'f' word!

As you will see, I wrote this a while back, but this week I have had more than a few reasons to revisit this particular "f" word.. Seemed a good time to share it here. Read on:


The “F” word! © 2005

“Mummy, can you hear me?"

The other week I came home to hear those words sung on my answering machine; yes, to the tune of “Tommy” by The Who. It made me smile – I take it as a point of pride that the bratchild knows that song. Means I did a great job raising her in my humble opinion. (And no, you really haven’t lived until you have seen The Who perform Tommy live – which I have!)

A few days later, when I was at the beach, I heard a young eagle calling to HER mother. As I listened, I noticed in a tall tree further back from the beach, within clear view of baby, mummy was sitting majestically, watching, attentive.

Days on from that, a friend called me. She told me how she had driven, in the dark, to a neighbourhood she was unfamiliar with, because she had to get to a family member immediately.

These three incidents reminded me about the importance of faith. Yep – that’s the ‘f’ word the title refers to. (You surely weren’t thinking I meant the infamous four letter ‘f’ word were you? Gasp!)

Faith. Such a simple word, such a simple concept, but how many of us forget to have faith. For me, my faith keeps me going when the road gets rocky. I have seen, had proved, that by hanging on to my faith, I CAN get through anything.

When bratchild left that message on my machine, she absolutely knew, that even though she couldn’t see me, I would hear her. Without ever having to discuss it, she has absolute faith.

The baby eagle calling to her mummy. She may not have seen her mother on the other tree, but she KNEW that mum was close by. Mum was sitting silently, but the baby eagle knew, as did I, that mum would soar into action if she felt that’s what was required.

The friend driving unfamiliar streets in the dark. I had talked to her prior to that trip and she had told me that she was fearful that she would not arrive in time. (In time for what doesn’t matter here. She knows and I know, her family knows and yes, God surely knows.) She made the trip, her faith in a higher power at work overriding her fear of the unknown streets. She did get there in time, of course (g), and we talked when she returned home, about how her faith had propelled her on.

Faith really CAN move mountains. For me, my faith in my God means I do things that, in my pre-faith days, I would never have considered. My faith assures me, that no matter where I go, what I do, everything will fall into place, as it is meant to. Just as with bratchild, the baby eagle and my friend, faith is a knowing, even when we cannot see the bigger picture.

Do I stumble, lose faith in myself? You know I do. Is part of being human. But, I get back on track, and re-focus on my journey. (And yes – ‘focus’ is another ‘f’ word. More on that one another time!) My faith gets me over any roadblock; reminds me, as I pick myself up, dust myself off, that every challenge is part of my life plan; a life plan that will ALWAYS succeed, even if I, the human, am not always aware of each success.

The other day, just to press home that point? I turned on the radio and what was the first song I heard? “Have a little faith in ME”. Honest! You may have heard me howling with laughter.

Keep the Faith.

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K-Dubyah said...

"Faith" gets us through...

I remind myself daily of this, "IF God brought me to this, God will bring me through it!"