Thursday, November 12, 2009

‘Blame America First’

From Family Security Matters:

November 12, 2009

Exclusive: ‘Blame America First’ Takes Root in Fort Hood Narrative

Peter Huessy

The horrific attack on our brave American soldiers at Fort Hood brought to the surface many of the things that are wrong with American society. Most of the drive-by media were quick to blame the killings on the “stress” that had been placed on the (alleged) murderer, Maj. Hasan, an Army mental health provider.

In bold print above the fold, the New York Times explained to us the stress of going overseas and being deployed to Iraq or Afghanistan was the “trigger” that pushed Hasan over the edge. At the same time, a veterans group, meeting in Washington with Senate staff about the time of the shooting, said that the Army had failed to increase the number of mental health professionals working with U.S. soldiers coming back from the war zone and this was the reason for the killing spree upon which Maj. Hasan had embarked. Unremarked by the press coverage of the group’s claims was the seemingly obliviousness that Hasan hadn’t even gone to the war zone, let alone come back....

As POTUS exhorts us all not to 'rush to judgement' - yet another analyst reads the writing on the wall. Find the rest here.
Pay attention, America.

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