Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Valour-IT: Go ARMY!!!

Valour IT is still ongoing and Team Army still needs your help to kick some serious a*** . From Blackfive some 'motivational' posters:

USAF Nancies in the crosshairs



There are more of these, and you can find them at B5 here. When you get through laughing, you know what to do...

And just to prove that Team Army is equal opportunity, how about this video of Marines (H/T Matt Burden, Team Army leader):

All joking aside, our wounded from ALL branches of our military benefit from every dime (in any currency..lol) donated to the Valour-IT programme. Even if you donate to Team Army (is there any other team????????) these special laptops are given to ANY wounded hero. You know what to do...

Follow THIS link, and GOOOOOOOOOOOOO Army!!!

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