Sunday, November 29, 2009

Every Day Hero

Lance Bombardier gunning for the Taliban in Helmand

A Military Operations news article

27 Nov 09

Six weeks into his deployment to northern Afghanistan, Lance Bombardier Michael McClarence is using one of the Army's powerful artillery guns to keep the enemy's head down.

Lance Bombardier Michael McClarence

Lance Bombardier Michael McClarence beside an L118 Light Gun in Afghanistan
[Picture: Crown Copyright/MOD 2009]

Lance Bombardier (LBdr) Michael McClarence from 1st Regiment Royal Horse Artillery is based in Forward Operating Base Inkerman in Helmand province.

He works as the Second-in-Command on a 105mm Light Gun, one of the powerful artillery pieces used to give firepower support to the troops on the front line. He said:

"My primary task is to make sure the Light Gun fires quickly and accurately when called upon to assist ISAF troops in contact with the enemy insurgents.

"Often the troops need help on the ground, either high-explosive rounds to attack the enemy or non-kinetic help such as providing smoke so they can extract, or illuminating shells at night so they can see."

"As Gunners, our primary role is to find and, where appropriate, strike the Taliban to disrupt their ability to menace the population.

"Our primary difficulty is that for much of the time they look exactly like the rest of the population, so patience and focus are the keys to success....

There is much more on this hero over at the MoD here.

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