Monday, November 9, 2009

Ft Hood Massacre: Keeping it simple ******

Picture this:

A man dressed in a priest's robes, armed with two guns, opens fire in a cathedral, and kills ooooh say 13 people. He screams "Hail Mary" as he shoots randomly into the assembled congregation. Maybe he is speaking Italian, or Greek or...

Not simple enough for you? Try picturing this:

In a small Iraqi border town, a woman wearing a burkha enters a market square and reaches under her clothing and detonates a suicide bomb, screaming 'Allahu Akbar.' She manages to kill herself and multiple families, whilst maiming dozens of others.

Remember Timothy McVeigh.

Think about John Allen Muhammad. Scheduled to be executed tomorrow, he was found guilty of murder. In October 2002, he killed 10 people. The subsequent convictions do not include people he murdered in September 2002. According to testimony from Malvo, Muhammad's only goal was to "terrorise" people.

All of these scenarios, both real and imagined, have common - SIMPLE - denominators. Where I come from we call these attacks terrorism, murder.

So why is it that BO cannot call what happened in Ft Hood what it is: TERRORISM, plain and simple.

To read some of the reports is to know that what that 'shitbag' (as JR Salzman so rightly calls the murderer here) did IS commit terrorist acts of murder. Forget all the lies, the spin (as Gordon Duff of Veterans Today calls it here), and all the "let's not rush to judgement here, before all the facts are in."

These are the SIMPLE facts:

A Major in the US Army (I am refusing to name him here) went into a Ft Hood processing centre, armed, and killed unarmed soldiers, all the while yelling "Allahu Akbar." Thirteen people (including one civilian) were murdered, and many more would have died but for the quick response of all the heroes who were on the scene.

ter⋅ror⋅ism/ˈtɛrəˌrɪzəm/ [ter-uh-riz-uhm]
1.the use of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, esp. for political purposes.
2.the state of fear and submission produced by terrorism or terrorization.


1. Law. the killing of another human being under conditions specifically covered in law. In the U.S., special statutory definitions include murder committed with malice aforethought, characterized by deliberation or premeditation or occurring during the commission of another serious crime, as robbery or arson (first-degree murder), and murder by intent but without deliberation or premeditation (second-degree murder).


noun fanaticism, enthusiasm, madness, devotion, dedication, zeal, bigotry,

–noun a tendency or disposition to go to extremes or an instance of going to extremes, esp. in political matters: leftist extremism; the extremism of the Nazis.

I know these definitions, as they appear here, seem cold-blooded, matter of fact. However, the SIMPLE, unvarnished fact is that what happened in Ft Hood WAS cold-blooded and matter of fact.

The signs that this coward planned to commit murder in the name of Islam are all there, in plain view. Yes, he IS a coward, let's call him what he is. Only a coward arms his/herself and randomly shoots those unable to defend themselves.

BO - you know, the great communicator - may be unable to call this treacherous act what it is, but the rest of us recognise acts such as these, and are not afraid to call it as it is. Across the internet, many military veterans and active duty troops know what this is. WHY can't BO say it? I have my own answers to that question, but the DHS already knows where I am. The DHS issued a report a while back labelling all sorts of people "extremists"; by the DHS definition, folks like me are extremists, but they dare not call what happened at Ft Hood what it is: a Muslim extremist terrorist attack.

It really is that simple. And yet, the msm try desperately to spin what happened, to perpetuate the BO 'cautionary' approach. The talking head non-experts try to give ludicrous labels to this poor 'victim' of a murderer. To hear them tell it, this scum was "bullied and harassed" for being Muslim. Boo-frickin-hoo! Many of us were bullied for years, and yet we do not go on murderous rampages.

PTSD also has been bandied about as a rationale for this irrational act. (Irrational unless you are a muslim extremist.) JR Salzman - cited above; plus a Vietnam Vet whose words I posted the other day, put the lie to that one in short order. This coward has never BEEN in combat, and no, PTSD is not a contagious disease, as many of our veterans have said. I shared my life for many years, up close and very personally, with someone who had real PTSD. I know what PTSD is, and that bs outrages me, although maybe not as much as it does the veterans who have honourably served. I am royalled pissed off at the glib way the msm is throwing around the PTSD label. Will I pick up a gun and shoot people? No, of course not, and neither will the thousands of veterans who daily live with the reality of PTSD. To even suggest that this POS killed people under the guise of PTSD is an insult.

Put as simply as I can manage (in single syllable words, if possible):

Anyone who seeks to explain this horrific event at Ft Hood as the actions of anything other than the actions of a Muslim extremist murderer is not merely an insulting fool, they are dangerous fools, too.

This mass murder took place on a military installation, a military member killed military personnel. It is not an "alleged" incident, by an "alleged killer," who was a "victim." It is only appropriate that he be tried and convicted BY THE military. Period.

If the current resident of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue cannot support that, he has no business being the Commander in Chief of America's fine armed forces.

That is my not-rush-to-judgement opinion. I believe in calling a spade a spade: Let's keep it simple, stooopid!


Findalis said...

Well said. It is a pity that the MSM cannot or will not say the same.

Right Truth said...

Well said. You know I agree.

Deborah F. Hamilton
Right Truth

CyberPastor said...

KISS to you from the CP's and in way to go on keeping it simple sweetheart. It really is very simple for those who want the truth. Thank you Brat for this article!

Terri said...

Great piece as always Brat! I think the thing that has riled me up the most are them claiming the secondary PTSD. As I've said in other places, if that were the case, then why the hell, after 32 years of working as a police officer, Paramedic, Counselor or Victim Advocate, have I not snapped and done something like this. In fact, none of the people I know who've served in these types of professions have every done something like this. As far as I'm concerned, they're just attempting to set this evil monster up with an alibi, before he ever is even charged and that pisses me off.

I am a bit concerned about some of the things I've heard people say. Things such as all Muslims or people of Middle Eastern descent should be kicked out of the Army and they should be jailed, because they're Muslim and they'll eventually do the same thing. Of course these people don't want to hear that this jerk does not define all Muslims, nor does he define all people of Middle Eastern descent. I know some of both who are appalled by what has happened. They serve proudly in the US Military and have for many years, without ever once resorting to the twisted version of Islam that this idiot prescribed to. I've hesitated to say "act of terrorism" because of that, as I can see that kind of thinking getting out of control and creating even more terror and more tragedy. Most of this has been on the internet, so I'm hoping that's where it stays and praying that it doesn't filter down to the streets of our cities.

Faultline USA said...

Excellent article. Let's all remember how we got the MSM to admit to the phrase "illegal alien." We must call them out every time they refuse to call this act terrorism. And by the way, let's not give the Army brass any passes on this either.

Terri said...

Oh I know you weren't at all. I've just heard several that used the term 'terrorist attack' and then go on to say that ALL Muslims and people of Middle Eastern descent should be kicked out of the military and jailed. I've been lambasted a bit because I said that at this point, until the investigation is complete, I jump to any conclusions. We all know how much the media can twist things, even when investigations are complete. Fortunately, I know people who are working on this case and I have the utmost confidence in their ability to gather the appropriate evidence to convict this animal. The CID at Fort Hood is the best of the best and I'd had the pleasure of working closely with most of them, as well as some of the FBI agents there. They do a damn fine job and I have no doubt they'll do the same with this case. We may never know all the details of this crime, we may never know all of his twisted reasons, because he may never talk. Having worked as a police officer myself, I have a tendency to look at things as the investigators would and thus have not tried to place a definition on the situation other than to say it was a heinous, cowardly, despicable act by a crazed lunatic. I've avoided the use of the term 'terrorist' because of how I've been seeing people on other blogs, chats and the like react.

Anonymous said...

I agree with your article 100 percent. Well said!
A Proud Army Mom with a Soldier at Ft. Hood.

ProudMedicsWife said...

AT: AMEN! Great article, and thanks to Brat for posting it. I would like permission to link this to another conservative blog, "Worth The Fighting For", if I may so do plsease?

brat said...

Yes, go ahead and use it. ;)