Monday, November 9, 2009


I don't always agree with Gordon Duff who writes for Veterans Today, but on this piece I say "Amen!":

911 & Terror War

screenhunter_04_nov._05_19.46_150NO LIES, NO SPIN, NO FINGERPOINTING


By Gordon Duff STAFF WRITER/Senior Editor

I am going on the record before there is any official story at all on the murders at Ft. Hood. The more time passes, the more investigation goes on, the deeper it gets. 12 dead so far is a terrorist attack, not an Army psychiatrist with a stress problem. Nobody is at fault, not this president, not the last one and not the army. People kill people, not guns. It could always happen and it did. No coverup is wanted, no spin desired no CYA, nothing. Deal with it.

If I turn on the TV tomorrow and see ANY network trying to feel sorry for the killer or blame anyone else, figure the possibility I will get in my car and start down the road looking to open a can of whoopass on somebody. We honor our dead, we bury our dead, we don't spin them into the ground with political chickenshit.

military-columbineAnyone who no longer feels safe, who thought they were safe before needs to know: There are no survivors on number 3. These bodies are issued with no warranty an an expiration date we can't read. If being totally safe is absolutely vital to you, please stay the hell away from me. I am already a Vietnam vet, I don't need anymore crazyness.

Some things are obvious. Muslim, psychiatrist, gun. Enough said. Add carnage to that and any attempt to call this something other than terrorism is totally insane. People are being killed all over the world. Today it was us....

Psssst! Note to Mr Duff: The spin has been going all day today, and yes, we are supposed to be sympathetic to this murderer.

Read the rest of Mr Duff's column here.

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yankeemom said...

Good for Duff! I can't stand the PC whitewashing going on!