Monday, January 12, 2009

24 Hours, 1 Israel Rally, 1 Anti-Israel Gathering of Murderers

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24 Hours, 1 Israel Rally, 1 Anti-Israel Gathering of Murderers

Over a 24 hour span, I attended one Pro-Israel rally and one anti-Israel gathering of terrorist murderers.

To describe the stark differences between the human beings that rallied for Israel on Sunday and the savage animals that congregated the day before would be akin to describing night and day. Like night and day, the differences should be self evident.

I was interviewed by FOX Los Angeles, although they edited out my more strident comments about wanting Iran and Syria to have their government buildings turned into 50,000 hole golf courses. Unfortunately I was labeled as a “Pro-Israel Protester” instead of a “Pro-Israel Supporter.” Then again, this is local news. They did not have time to do the story about the escaped Panda from the zoo. Besides, the Palestinians in these crowds would have most likely shot the infidel fuzzy critter.

For many in the civilized world, self evident means simple concepts must be explained, reexplained, and overexplained until thick skulls are forced to inculcate them.

I use the 24 hour theme because I finally saw the television show “24″ for the very first time. I know, everybody else on Earth has been watching it for years. I am not trendy. Within 5 minutes, I realized that occasionally, the masses are completely right. Jack Bauer is my new television hero. Once he told a liberal gasbag Senator where to stick it, I realized that I needed to go back and watch the first six seasons.

We are in a war on terror. War is messy. Self righteousness and piety needs to be replaced with what the purpose of a successful mission is…to get the job done. In the end, many more lives are saved this way. This brings me back to both rallies I attended.

My friend Shane from Political Vindication let me know that an anti-Israel gathering of sub-human garbage was getting together at the Federal Building. I live within walking distance of the Federal Building.

For those wondering why I would refer to a Pro-Palestinian rally as a gathering of the worst elements ever created on Earth, you were not there. I was. This was no peace rally. For coverage of this event, Shane has phenomenal footage. On Tuesday I will be a guest on his progam at 7:15pm PST.

Doug from Political Pistachio also came along and played a key role in helping expose the truth.

Bloggers Gawfer, Fouse, and Prying 1 also offered solidarity.

Reverend C. P. Hanson of the Fundamentalist Baptist Church can tell you all about the peace-loving “Palestinians.” They knocked him to the ground and ripped the signs he and his wife were holding. They are both ok.

For those in the Jewish community who are more scared of Pat Robertson holding a book than Osama Bin Laden holding a bomb, they should attend these “peace” rallies where peace is non-existent and murder is celebrated. Reverend Hanson did not try to convert me. He did not force the New Testament upon me. He simply shared a desire to see a world of more peace, love, and tolerance. That requires standing with Israel....

Tygrrrr Express has much more to say. Go here and read the rest, and then make that site one of your regular sources.

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