Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Let Israel Defend Itself

CJ weighs in on the current events in Gaza:

Let Israel Defend Itself

I’ve got a question for all those hippies and peaceniks (ie: moonbats) out there going ape nuts over the all-out war taking place between Israel and Palestine (and soon Hezbollah): Are you blind?

People like head hippie Jane Stillwater call what’s going on in Gaza “genocide” and would like to see a “Middle Eastern Union” that can defeat the United States.

United Nefariously Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon has expressed grave concerns over the conflict. But, where was the world and moonbat outrage each time the Palestinians launched rockets into Israel. Time after time the US and others have convinced Israel to look the other way at such attacks. And the more they heeded our calls for calmness the worse the attacks got. The rockets began to fall deeper and deeper into Israel.

Israel has done well in biting its tongue and holding back on their response to this overt aggression. But, at some point one has to stop the slow bleeding and encroachment of its sovereignty. Much like we did in 2001, at some point enough has to be enough.

For years, the United States got its nose bloodied by terrorist attack after terrorist attack. Our barracks were bombed. Soldiers died. Our embassies were bombed. Marines died. Our ships were bombed. Sailors died. Finally, our cities were bombed. Civilians died. President Bush had had enough. And other than attacks against armed and defensible military targets, our forays into taking the fight to the enemy have worked.

This is the exact same tactic that Israel needs to take. This doesn’t have to happen. Israel has long agreed to a two-state solution where both can live side by side. The Palestinians want it all. And they want it all by the tip of a sword and through the barrel of a gun (or at the end of a suicide bombers life).

Hamas just doesn’t know what it’s gotten itself into. It has no Air Force. It has no technical intelligence capabilities. It has no coherent command and control apparatus. It has no system for sustaining and equipping the force. Israel has all these things as evidenced by the bombing of “hidden” tunnels and concealed bombs meant to kill as a result of any attack. The result is hundreds of Palestinians populating the heralded “graveyard” Hamas was claiming the Israelis would occupy while Israeli deaths are barely in the double digits.

And all Israel wants is for Hamas for stop launching rockets into Israel, yet the left thinks Hamas is the victim in all this. Never mind the fact that Israelis are living in fear that a rocket will land in their homes and kill innocent people. Hamas is having a field day parading through the media photos of innocent Palestinian women and children injured or killed by “Israeli aggression” without accepting any responsibility for why it’s happening.

And where is our President-elect in all of this. On his own campaign website, Obama promises “a Strong U.S.-Israel Partnership.” Yet, he hasn’t said a word of support or admonition against either side. He minced no words in proclaiming “that the United States would never distance itself from Israel.” Now is the chance to actually stick by a campaign promise and all we hear is crickets. Oh, who am I kidding? I never expected him to keep any of those promises anyway. Let’s move on....

CJ does have more, including a video which is a must see. Go over here to read the rest.

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