Thursday, January 15, 2009

Flags for Fallen Military

David C. Larson is a man with an honourable mission. This was brought to my attention by Ms Marti over at War on Terror. She writes:


Flags For Fallen Military was formed in the summer of 2008 to honor the fallen soldiers in North America. The David C. Larson family set up and began running the program, with David being the founder and President. Initially it was started as Flags For Fallen Minnesota Military which was formed back in 2006, and it has been expanded to include all of our fallen military in North America. The family may choose an American or Canadian flag and pole to be placed in honor of their sons', daughters' or family members' sacrifice.

David himself has never been in the military, but comes from a military family, and knows of the sacrifices that a family makes having a member in the military. He has chosen to honor those who have served and given their all, by committing to placing a flag and pole for each family they contact, that asks. By honoring those fallen heroes, he also honors all who are currently serving or have served in the past.

Flags For Fallen Military goes very quietly about their business of honoring our fallen soldiers. I know how quietly, because I used to live in the same part of the state where they are located, and had never heard of them. I like to think I stay on top of great organizations like this, but I somehow missed this one.

The people who make up this program are all volunteers. The company is organized as a 501(c) 3 charity, so any donations you would make, are tax deductible.

Because they are so quiet, their only contact with a family is the formal letter offering them a pole and flag, should the family wish to honor their fallen hero in this manner. They wait for the family to contact them back about its placement or not after sending out their letter...

Read the rest of their piece here.

And on the home page of Flags for Fallen Military, they say:

It is our goal to honor those soldiers that have made the ultimate sacrifice in order to keep freedom alive for you and for me. It is with a humble heart that we honor these men and women by placing a flag in their honor so that we all will be reminded of the sacrifice they have made to keep this country free. They have fought and died with honor keeping America and Canada the example of freedom throughout the world.

The programme was started by one man in 2006 to honour American heroes. They have now expanded into Canada.

USA and Canada

North American Expansion

"The opportunity to help play a role in expanding such a worthwhile program is something that brings a great deal of honor to the NABCA organization," said Steve Beden, President of the North American Booster Club Association. “Our nations have been touched deeply by the loss of many who have given the ultimate sacrifice and we are proud to be able to help be a part of expanding the program”. We envision helping a family, business or individual (herein referred to as the "team") with the development of this program in the remaining 50 states, and Canada with anyone willing to support those soldiers who have fought and fallen fighting for freedom. We would encourage the “team” to be of all Faiths, allowing them to show their respect for their fallen hero who fell for their freedom and to add closure to the many families throughout the world, showing solidarity in the fight we all share for freedom....(here)

Flags for Fallen Military is doing a great thing, in ensuring ALL our fallen - and their families - are paid some small measure of the honour and respect they have earned in service to their country.

Please go to their site, and see how you can get involved. Flags for Fallen Military is here.

Thank YOU, David!

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