Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Canada gets it right!

Yesterday, I heard that Canada was the lone voice refusing to sign on with the UN's latest "Bash Israel" resolution. I was going to do a post on it, but yet again, Monkey in the Middle beat me to it, so I am just going to cross-post from there. Read on:
Oh Canada!

Every once and a while Canada rears up its mighty head and roars. You sometimes cannot hear it due to the din coming from its neighbor below, but on Monday the roar was loud!
Yesterday, Canada was the sole member of the UN Human Rights Council to vote against a resolution, which passed in a 33-1 vote, condemning Israel over its actions in Gaza.

The vote crystallized Canada's emergence under Stephen Harper's government as one of Israel's firmest supporters.

At a meeting in Geneva, Canada asked for a recorded vote to emphasize its complaint that the resolution drafted by Arab, Asian and African countries did not recognize that Israel acted to stop Hamas rocket attacks.

European countries abstained, along with Japan and South Korea, because they felt the resolution lacked balance - it gave only brief mention to rocket attacks. Neither Israel nor the United States are in the 47-member council.
Oh what cowards are in Europe, Japan and South Korea. Instead of rising to the occasion, they slink back into their slimy holes that they have crawled out of.

Canada is not a superpower. It doesn't have a large population compared to its land size. It is the butt of numerous jokes in the United States. It does have more Chutzpah than all of the non-voters put together.

Today if you see a Canadian shake his or her hand and tell them "Way to go!" If you are a Canadian I salute you and your nation for the courage to do the right thing.

Oh Canada

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My regular readers know I have problems with a lot of what my government does. THIS time, Canada gets it right! Every time I read anything about Israel, I keep hearing in my heart: "First they came for me....."

I stand on guard FOR Israel!

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Findalis said...

Way to go Canada. A big pat on the back for standing up and doing the right thing.