Sunday, January 4, 2009

Hallmark reaches out to Military families

From Knee Deep in the Hooah! comes this:

Families prepare greetings and gifts for loved ones deployed overseas.

Families prepare greetings and gifts for loved ones deployed overseas.

This past Mother’s Day I was contacted by Hallmark and was asked to try their new line of recordable Mother’s Day cards. They were trying their best to get them into the hands of military families who may have a wife or mother overseas. I had suggested to them to try and get the cards sent to the PXs overseas too so that military members could record a message and send it to mom here in the states (hey, I’m rooting for you moms out there!) I passed the cards out and the feedback was great. Everyone really liked the cards. They are cute, easy to use and the sound is good and clear. The designs range from serious, to cute to funny, so there is something for everyone.

I was contacted again, but this time about Christmas related items. It was too late when I got them (just a few days before Christmas) to try and get anything sent to Iraq or Afghanistan, but that didn’t mean that I couldn’t get them to some military families! I was able to send out the cards and ornament that were sent to me through a first come first claim give away. I gave them away on AllMilitary in the family forum and at Christian Military Wives in the general discussion forum.

I kept one card and had my Emma record a message to two of her dear little friends who will (hopefully!) be moving to Korea soon to be with their daddy while he is stationed there....

This is a GREAT idea. Go read the rest of Mrs Hooah's information on this here.

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