Monday, January 12, 2009

Choices have consequences

Yes - they do! As part of the B*N*S*N service, I want to share another opinion piece I found via the internet, courtesy of JoshuaPundit here:
Tuesday, January 06, 2009

One, Use A School As A Military Base; Two, Booby Trap It; Three, Blame Israel When It Goes Boom!

That seems to be the Hamas a load of weapons and explosives among a bunch of kids at a school, booby trap it shoot a few mortar rounds at the Israelis and then parade the bloody corpses in front of the gullible media when it all blows up during wartime:

At least thirty people were reportedly killed and 53 wounded in an explosion in a UN-run school in the town of Jabalya in the northern Gaza Strip, according to Palestinians. The IDF issued a statement saying the school grounds were used by terrorists to fire mortar shells at the troops.

The infantrymen returned mortar shell fire into the school grounds, the army said. Defense officials told The Associated Press that booby-trapped bombs in the school triggered the secondary explosions which killed scores of Palestinians on the site

Just for the record, back in 2007, the IAF actually filmed some of these brave Hamas fighters at the same Gaza school, firing mortars into Israel. The media didn’t have a thing to say about it:

In this context, I have something to say about the outcry over civilian casualties ( at least, the outcry over Arab civilian casualties).

According to the Geneva Convention and every reading of international law, using non-combatants as human shields as Hamas is doing is a war crime.

And according to the Geneva Convention, Section 28 I believe, Israel is entitled to go after combatants sheltering behind civilians in this manner.

I would also point out that Hamas,just like the Nazis, was legitimately elected as the leaders of its population. Hamas is the chosen government of the Palestinians, by a 70% majority, and no one can tell me that Hamas' agenda was any secret to these people.

Choices have consequences. That's simply how the world works.

Go read the comment, too. Here.

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