Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Hamas DOES use schools as launching pads

The last few days, Hamas has flamed more fires of outrages, aided and abetted by the msm as usual. The latest is reference to the UN school that Israel targeted, which was identified as a Hamas bomb launching pad. Hamas, of course, has called Israel liars, and we have been sickened by pictures of dead and wounded civilians. I found a very interesting video that PROVES this school is being used by Hamas to rain bombs on Gaza.

Joyce, a commenter on IsraeliSoldiersMother site, gave a link to a site that has the video. They also have much more to say, too.

Sacrificial Wolves

It was only a matter of time—Israeli counter-battery radar isolated Hamas mortar shells as they rose, and a computer algorithm quickly did the geometry and isolated the GPS coordinates of the launch location before the terrorist-fired bombs even began their descent.

Israeli counter-fire aimed at the launch site was likely in the air before the Hamas-fired shells impacted near their target of Israeli civilians.

When the Israeli shells impacted the Hamas launch site—a school—the terrorists got just what they wanted.

Israeli forces fighting Hamas in the Gaza Strip struck a school run by the United Nations, killing at least 30 Palestinians hiding in the compound, a UN official said. Israel said it was returning fire from the school.

Christopher Gunness, a spokesman for the UN Relief and Works Agency in Jerusalem, said in a phone interview he could confirm 30 dead and 55 injured, 15 critically, as the result of three Israel artillery shells hitting the school in northern Gaza.

The Israeli army said in a faxed statement late today that its investigations showed that "among the dead in the school were members of the military wing of the Hamas terror organization and a cell firing rockets and mortars at Israeli forces in the area."

Time and again, Hamas terrorists have fired weapons from schools, residential areas, hospitals, and mosques. Often these same sites have been used to store weaponry as well.

An Israeli drone captured a similar Hamas mortar attack launched from the exact same U.N. school two years ago.

Anti-Israeli hypocrites in the world’s media and Islamo-fascist states constantly cry that Israel is guilty of "war crimes" for returning fire against the aggression of various state-sponsored Islamic terrorist groups along its borders, and no doubt will rally against today’s casualties as an example of such.

What they will not admit—and perhaps ideologically, cannot—is that it is Hamas that is clearly guilty of multiple war crimes by any objective measure, as they continually embed militant forces inside civilian structures, population centers, and fire weaponry from within civilian enclaves that they use as human shields....

That is from Confederate Yankee, who has much more. Go read the rest of this piece here.

While you are there, check out some of the other columns. Good reading. In the meantime, THERE is the proof that Hamas are liars (among other things.)

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Findalis said...

For 8 years Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel from civilian positions. For 8 years Israel has been told to wait and talk to them. Israeli patience has ended. And now Hamas is getting back its just deserts.

The teacher at the school who was in charge of rockets was fired by the UN. But that was after years of using the school (with the administration's knowledge) to fire rockets.