Monday, January 5, 2009

Your Mission

As I am sure you all know, a community organiser is set to be the next resident of the White House. Obama got the most votes, and is therefore the next President of the US.

Comes word of ANOTHER community organiser that needs your vote. Really! Unlike Obama, this community organiser doesn't have ties to backroom deals. THIS community organiser also has an extensive, impressive resume. She has DONE stuff that has made her community a far better place.

I need you to vote for THIS community organiser. Yes, I am sure we are all suffering "voter burnout." (Hey, I have voted in three different elections the last six months!) but do this vote, please. I'll let this finalist tell you, herself:

2008 Weblog Awards

The 2008 Weblog Awards offiically start today, and they run through Monday January 12, 2009, 5:00 p.m. (EST). You can vote at the Poll Page that is also linked to the Weblog Awards logo in my sidebar. Vote early. Vote often. Vote for my gimpy finned blog.

Would it help if I changed my banner, do you all think?

I made up a quick one. I figured if it worked for Obama, maybe it would work for me?

Have I mentioned on here before that I was focused in non-profits and COMMUNITY ORGANIZING in college? See, that’s all the more reason to vote for me. One day community organizers will rule the world — and then you will be sorry for not voting for me. Don’t make me organize something somewhere! Vote.

So, what do you think? Too much? Too little? Not gaudy enough? I could use some feedback here....

Yes, it is Claire over at Knee Deep in the Hooah! Yes, she IS in the pool with some "big" blogs for Best Military blog, but I know she can take them. Go over to her site here, and check out the whole deal. Oh and then VOTE for her! You could even go with the *Chicago* mode of electioneering: Vote early and vote often.



Claire said...

Thank you Brat! You are da bomb! We'll have to see...

K-Dubyah said...