Friday, January 23, 2009

NFL does the right thing!

Remember my post about the NFL and our Marine Colour Guard? Yesterday.

An update from CJ:

CJ NFL Makes Amends

January 23rd, 2009 by CJ

The NFL has come around. I spent every free moment I had today and last night working the phones calling every number I could find for the NFL to find out why they were excluding our troops from remaining in the stadium to watch the game after presenting the colors at the opening ceremonies of the Super Bowl. Well, it finally paid off.

I spoke with NFL spokesman Greg Aiello a little over an hour ago and he assured me that the NFL was going to do the right thing. He then sent me an official statement via email:

After speaking with our military liaison for the color guard, we are going to take care of it. The members of the color guard (12 people) will watch the game in the stadium. The background is this:...

Go read the rest here.


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