Thursday, January 15, 2009

Only in America? NOT!

As my previous post 'suggests', I have issues with how the American msm reports. No surprise here, but it appears Israel is facing the same problems with their msm. Thought you might be interested in what I found:

Channel 2 Anchorwoman Blamed for 'Empathizing with Enemy'

by Gil Ronen

( Besides uncovering tunnels and bunkers in Gaza, Operation Cast Lead is also exposing a rift between a large part of the Israeli people and some of the leading mainstream media personalities.

On the third day of the war, a citizen started a petition on a free petition-hosting website, in which she accused Channel 2's main anchorwoman, Yonit Levy, of being “anti-Zionist” and expressing empathy with the enemy. The petition's goal was to reach 10,000 signatures but less than two weeks after it was launched, it had reached 34,000 and was still growing rapidly (the petition's owner decided to disable further signatures because, she said, it had gotten out of control).

Channel 10's Oshrat Kotler: 'victims of masculinity.'
PR photo, Moshe Shai

The Ma'ariv/NRG website reported that Levy also faced severe criticism from within the ranks of Channel 2's News Corporation. Her critics accused her of weakening national morale...

That is from Arutz Sheva and you can read the rest here.


Findalis said...

Even Israel has its Moonbats. Fortunately they aren't in the IDF.

Anonymous said...

Probably advised and mentored by NBC, Washington Post, and New York Times too!