Saturday, January 31, 2009

Commander in Cutbacks

I know, I know! President Obama is helping the money flow (all $825b in bailouts. And that's only what we know about.) Yes, ACORN is lined up for their "gimme", and where else is BO going to get the money to redistribute YOUR tax dollars?

Why, he is planning a 10% cut to the military, of course! DUH!

Defense Official: Obama Calling for Defense Budget Cuts

Some overall budget figures are expected to be announced Monday.

The Obama administration has asked the military's Joint Chiefs of Staff to cut the Pentagon's budget request for the fiscal year 2010 by more than 10 percent -- about $55 billion -- a senior U.S. defense official tells FOX News.

Last year's defense budget was $512 billion. Service chiefs and planners will be spending the weekend "burning the midnight oil" looking at ways to cut the budget -- looking especially at weapons programs, the defense official said.

Some overall budget figures are expected to be announced Monday.

Obama met Friday at the White House with a small group of military advisers, including Admiral Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. James Cartwright, vice chairman, and Gen. Jim Jones, National Security Council chairman.

FOX News' Jennifer Griffin contributed to this report here.

And you just know the blogosphere is abuzz with that gem. Over at Freepers:

Obama Cuts Military Budget 11%
Environmental Republican ^ | 1/30/09 | Scott

Posted on Friday, January 30, 2009 8:08:14 PM by sswenviron

Yes, he's cutting the military the midst of two wars. Think about that; he is cutting back on supplies, health care, VA funding and everything else while simultaneously pushing a bill that includes $4-billion plus for "neighborhood stabilization"--read ACORN.

Obama needs his base right about now and he'll do anything to get their support, including sentencing our men and women of the military to substandard conditions. That will result in deaths to those who joined to protect our nation...

He'll end both wars even if he kills our troops. ...(source)

I should not have been surprised when I read this story, but I was. This really IS sheer audacity, but I guess after bailing out the Big 3, the banks, ACORN, and let's not forget the politicians' pay raise, there really won't be much change left for our troops.

SHAME on you, Mr President! This is NOT the America I know!

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