Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Gitmo residents return to their old ways!

There's a shocker - NOT! Like most of you, I have been listening to the 'debate' rage about the role of Gitmo in the GWOT. To hear some talk, you would think that we have no business locking up people whose stated goal in life is to kill as many of us infidels in the hope of meeting their own 72 virgins. I STILL maintain there really has to be a shortage of virgins by now, but whateverrrrrrrrrr!

Obama campaigned on a promise to close Gitmo, and it seems he is more than ready to release all the residents as soon as he takes over 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

THEN, I find this on Michelle Malkin:


By Michelle Malkin • January 13, 2009 05:09 PM


That’s the number of jihadi recidivists who returned to their terror-waging ways after being released from Gitmo.

Go ahead and leave your bets on what the number will be a year after Barack Obama takes office.

The Pentagon said on Tuesday that 61 former detainees from its military prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, appear to have returned to terrorism since their release from custody.

Pentagon spokesman Geoff Morrell said 18 former detainees are confirmed and 43 suspected of “returning to the fight.”

He said the figures, updated at the end of December, showed a higher rate of recidivism than seen in a previous report showing 37 former detainees as active militants.

He provided no details about the detainees or their countries of origin.

“The overall known terrorist re-engagement rate has increased to 11 percent” from about 7 percent, Morrell said.

The numbers were generated by the Pentagon’s Defense Intelligence Agency based on fingerprints, photographs and intelligence reports, he said....

She has more, of course, and you can read that here. I don't know about you, but even I - as math challenged as I may be - know that is far too high a percentage of the total number in Gitmo, to be letting ANY more out. But hey, gotta give those jihadists "hope," in the name of "change you can believe in." Never mind the rest of us. The insanity continues.


Findalis said...

I fear that once they start their terror spree it will not stop. Obama will just cave in to each and every demand that they will make.

Earl said...

Don't know that they were terrorists before they went under our care, but I work in a prison (a nice clean state operated one) and I might come out a convinced rebellious crank in a forever total war against the system, if I were convicted of some crime that would take my life away in prison. Prison sucks, and some folks should never get out, but most should be publicly whipped and then told not to repeat stupidity.