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Barack Obama: the best thing to happen to America

No, no! I really have NOT lost my mind. Bear with me. Barack Obama may just be the best thing to happen in a generation for a number of reasons. In the many years I have been watching American politics - from a distance - he has done more to engage, awaken the American people than any other president. Oh sure, when George W. Bush was in office, certain pockets of America were afflicted with Bush Derangement Syndrome, which perpetuated oft-repeated demonstrations and slogans: Bush Lied, They Died; or No War for Oil, blah blah, followed by 'all in good fun and taste' posters that made any decent person cringe. Mostly though, while the fringe elements (aided and abetted by the mainstream media, of course,) were making asses of themselves, regular Americans were busy raising their families, earning a living, pretty much secure in the knowledge that America was safe from outside attacks.

Now we have Obama, and I see a conscious decision on the part of many Americans to be engaged in the protection of their country, that I had not witnessed before. Yes, I also see a huge divisiveness since the election of the silver-tongued senator who promised to unite America. This community organiser, who campaigned on the slogans of "Change you can Believe in" and "Yes, we can!" is discovering that Americans who feel the most basic fabric of their country under threat, are not willing to sit idly by, and allow ANYONE, foreign or domestic, to tear apart the communities that ARE America.

After many years of watching America the beautiful on the world stage, I now see an underbelly of America that is ugly, with a president who travels the world in fine style (what about the carbon foot print?) and apologises to the world for the stellar reputation that America has enjoyed as a leader.

From the government taking over the car industry, to the banking industry, to cap and trade, the American health care industry, and most egregiously, now encouraging neighbour to report on neighbour if they dare to argue, even in 'casual conversation' against policies doomed to failure, Obama and his union thugs are finding out decent, hardworking Americans are mad as hell.

To hear some tell it, this groundswell of anger is led and paid for by the Republican party. Tell that to the protesters who get roughed up at Town Hall meetings. The 60 year old woman in Texas - whose husband has fought for his country - wasn't paid a dime by anyone to attend a townhall meeting, from which she was evicted, and made to stand on a hot sidewalk all by herself, protesting. Is she a mob, such as some of the Democrats are so afraid of? She calls herself "A mob of one"; go read what happened to her at Canada Free Press here.

The main stream media hardly covers any of the Town Hall meetings, or the Tea Parties. Why? Because to do so, and report honestly, they would have to show who are the real mobsters: the union thugs, who strong-arm any nay-sayers who oppose the Obama vision. These encounters have been caught on video by attendees at the confrontations; confrontations obviously encouraged by Obama and his "when they push, push back harder" hired hands. These thugs do more than push back when their leader says, on national television: "But I don't want the folks who created the mess to do a lot of talking. I want them to get out of the way so we can clean up the mess. I don't mind cleaning up after them, but don't do a lot of talking." (see the YouTube here) Of course, he is forgetting to mention that the Dems - his party - had control when Fannie Mae et al were in the initial downward spiral. Never mind!

To a chorus of sneers from some of those politicians (your employees, need I remind you?) the regular Americans show up at these tea party and other protests, and Town Halls - determined to be heard as Obama and his lemmings run mindlessly over the cliff, dragging America with them; these Americans so well dressed in their Brooks Brothers suits they are obviously being paid and encouraged by big money. Not so much. I have seen all over the internet (but not in the msm) where working Americans are taking unpaid leave from their jobs, or attending protests in their lunch hours, because the path America is on, is too important to ignore.

Remember when Obama promised to do something about getting America back to work? Ironically, the work Obama is setting his American cronies to is paid activism/lobbying for his own pet projects. Think I'm kidding? While Mr and Mrs America are toiling diligently at their every day employment, Obama and crew are now advertising to hire paid help. Via Red State, in a piece called "Let's talk Astroturf," it seems Craigslist (a site that anyone can advertise on, for free) is being used to recruit paid muscle. Meticulously documented, there are ads that read:

***Help Pass Obama's HealthcarePlan and Earn $350-500 per week*

***Help Build Public Support for Obama's Plan and earn $9-14 per hour***

There are paid positions for Global Warming Campaigns as well as "$350-500 a week working for Obama's Progressive Agenda" (direct quote, and all on the Sacramento Craigslist referenced here.)

I did a search of the Los Angeles Craigslist using the words "Obama" and "Jobs" and came up with this:

**Help Pass Obama's Clean Energy Bill!! (10-15/hr) (MidWilshire)

The text that follows that is almost unbelievable. Go see for yourself here.

I suppose that by hiring union "brothers and sisters" - as one politician recently called the hired thugs who attend Town Hall meetings and beat up on any old ladies or men who might want a say - no training dollars need to be spent teaching strong arm "in your face" tactics.

Let's not forget ACORN who are employed in so many ways, not least of which will be the next US census data collection. No skills required, other than being an intimidating bully of course! So, as unemployment stats reached 9.8% last month, Obama spins that by reminding, on his daily tv appearance, that the almost quarter of a million jobs lost in July was "less than expected." I wonder if that statistic takes into account all the new - and recurring - employees on the 'Organising for America' payroll? I also do have to ask where all the money to pay these unskilled employees is coming from? Maybe from all those emails where they tell you to "Donate $5 for America."???

On the official ongoing campaign site "Organising for America: Healthcare Action Centre" (coincidentally "Powered by Hope and People like you" and "paid for by the Democratic National Committee",) we are told "Visit your local congressional office for health reform.

With members of Congress back in town this month, it’s extremely important that folks like you speak up in support of real health insurance reform.

Enter your address to find your representatives' district offices.

After you've found the closest office to you, click the Visit This Office link to schedule your visit.

That must be for unemployed insiders, because any American I know a) has a job they need to be at, and b) historically the office doors are closed to any but sycophantic admirers. I told the story last year of my friend Don, who kept trying to speak with Harry Reid. Not able to get hold of Reid on the phone, Don went down to the office, in normal office hours, only to find the door locked, on more than one occasion. Leaving a note under the door with his contact information and asking Reid to call him, more than a year later, Don still hasn't heard from Reid. Maybe Harry is too busy dodging the Marines. Just more of that open and transparent government we hear so much about.

To those people being promised $350-500 a week to work for Obama's agenda, this administration really may be the best thing to happen to them - for now; no matter the long term consequences for America.

Americans who have been raised with a true work ethic, and who have put themselves through school to learn a trade, or gone to night school as they provide for their families; for those Americans who have never looked for a hand out, I suggest to you, that Obama is the best thing that has happened to them also. Oh I do know that right now it really doesn't appear that way, as Obama declares to the world that America - the country that has "In God We Trust" on their currency - is not a Christian nation, as he genuflects to the muslims. To hardworking, patriotic Americans, and especially the military, Obama is seen as the worst thing to happen to America as he opines that he is not looking for Victory in Afghanistan.

However, as Obama has continued to undermine the principles, the philosophical underpinnings of what America is, the usually silent America I know, has reared up and said "Enough!"

What the dawning of "The Age of Obama" has done, unintentionally, is inspire millions of Americans to really think about this land they love. With every passing day, each Obama attempt to reshape America in his own ideological image, Americans from coast to coast have started paying attention in ways they - perhaps - hadn't needed to before. As Obama suggests the Constitution on which American was based is no longer relevant, Americans in small towns and big cities have stood up and said "Hell, NO!" In the face of Obama's insistence on changing the foundations of their homeland, Americans have taken pause, reflected on their country that they always took for granted. Upon reflection, millions of Americans, in every community, and with NO political organisation/affiliation - or from every point on the political spectrum - have chosen to speak up, and joined with other patriots to preserve that which they hold most dear in their birth-land. Obama's emergence may turn out to be America's "finest hour," as Americans, with no huge political party money behind them, become involved at the ground level as they take their country back.

While Pelosi says that the "mobs" of protestors use Nazi tactics ("methinks she doth protest too much",) Americans who have never attended ANYthing political in their lives, are now finding Tea Parties, and Town Hall meetings to stand with their neighbours. Despite what the msm may have you believe, none of these neophyte protesters go with violence in their hearts or on their agenda. Not a one, and if you watch any video on YouTube, or read any first person account by these patriotic Americans, it is the paid goons who are violent as they attempt to silence any rational, reasoned enquiry about this "new America". I have received many emails, and read many pieces on the internet, of people who did NOT vote for the kind of changes Obama is trying to implement.

Many groups have sprung up as Americans, with a burning desire to protect the Constitution and their Christian country, are rallying together.

They are ready to act, to protect all they hold most dear.

During the election campaign, an American friend and I have been exchanging emails. He sent me this, at the beginning of what he calls "this Summer of Madness." These are questions that he asks of Americans:

Benjamin Franklin once answered when asked what type of government had the Continental Congress agreed upon; "We have given you a Republic, if you can keep it." ~1787~

Do you believe the statement by Franklin was a challenge...a dare?
Do you love America?
Do you believe the Constitution is a valid document?
Do you believe America should govern by Constitutional Law?
Do you believe the founding fathers gave us the gift of a Republic?
Do you believe you have an obligation to protect and defend this Republic?
Do you believe you have unalienable rights as a citizen in this country?
Do you think this country is headed in the wrong direction?

If you answered yes to all this then I ask, what are you prepared to do?
What are you as a citizen willing to sacrifice for your country?
Are you as a citizen willing to stand up for your beliefs?
Are you willing to give up your life for your beliefs?
What will you do when all of your rights have been taken by the government?
Will you stand with other patriots in defense of liberty or will you capitulate and live your life as a slave on your knees?
The proverbial line in the sand has been drawn.
Which side will you be on? Those that stand and fight or those that kneel and submit?

Increasingly, Americans that I know are asking themselves questions like this, and have emphatically declared that they DO believe in America, and they DO believe America is worth fighting for. Does that mean they plan on becoming violent mobs run amok across America? No, of course it does not. BUT they are forming together, and are determined to stand FOR America, and reclaim their country.

ACTIVE is one such group to emerge from the maelstrom:

ACTIVE Mission Statement

Active, The American Constitution and Capitalism Defense Front, is a permanent and enduring organization of American citizens dedicated to maintaining the foundational principles of the United States of America, as initiated by its Declaration of Independence and realized by its Constitution and economic system of free-market capitalism.

These founding documents and this economic system define the United States, and as such, there is no United States without them.

The changing tides of time allow for the development of threats capable of abolishing both, either through overt attack or the processes of slow erosion and unconstitutional change. The principles of free-market capitalism are eternal, and the only legitimate process to change the United States Constitution is that which is prescribed within it.

As such, it is a moral imperative for each and every loyal American to dedicate a sufficient amount of their blood, sweat, and tears to the preservation and defense of both the Constitution and free-market capitalism.

United we stand, divided we fall. Upon this eternal truth we hereby declare that it is incumbent upon the people of this great land to come together in broad union to demand that the freedoms granted to us by God, protected by our Constitution, and given wings by our self-chosen labors, are left intact.

We are the people by which the government is of and for. We are the grantors of the power that the government wields. We are the people who can recall that power from the government at any time of our choosing. We are the citizens of the United States of America. We are the defenders of the greatest nation in the history of man, and we are hereby responding to the call to become ACTIVE.

They now have chapters across America, and even as they are well organised, the State Captain in California emphasises this:

Whatever you do make certain people understand this is a peaceful protest. We WILL NOT advocate, support or otherwise condone any violence whatsoever.

The non-violence really needs to be stressed. Our purpose is not to hurt anyone or destroy anything. The intention is to get the attention of the fools in DC...

To find out more about ACTIVE, and your closest chapter, go to their main site here.

This group is mobilising. They now have a show on Blog Talk Radio:

“The Jihadi Killer Hour” will run Sunday through Wednesday at 7 PM PST, and the new show “Cold War Zone”, will run Thursday through Saturday, 8 PM PST. “Cold War Zone” will be hosted by ACTIVE’s new National Vice Chairman, John DeFrees, known to many of you as “Johnny Doe”.

They have also released a short audio PSA:

Some of the emails I have received from American friends have been full of despair. I have been pointing them to the ACTIVE site here, as one option to getting involved. You should check that site regularly, or go to Pat Dollard's site here for further news.

This group, and many others, are planning into the future, America's future. One event is happening on November 4th :

Liberate America: Get ACTIVE.

I’ve got your election-day anniversary celebration, right here buddy.

ACTIVE is mounting a full-blown, nationwide, general strike against the dictator. Specific street actions, not mere protests, will go down.

Calling all the clans: Representatives of all allied organizations are asked to contact us, and we will be contacting them.

No one is to go work. No one is to go to school. Shopowners are to keep their doors closed. Spread the word. The mobilization has begun…

And the strikes will continue with disturbing regularity, and ever-growing numbers. We are going to shut this country down, and force them to back down.

Repeat: this is not a one-day event. We are going to shut this country down.

You heard about “A Day Without A Mexican”? Try a day without an American. And bear in mind that an American is not defined as an American citizen. An American is an American citizen who is an ardent, and therefor duty-bound supporter of the US Constitution.

The Revolution has begun. Stay tuned for details. (Pat Dollard here)

In a recent response to one of my American friends, I wrote (in part):

I know that the history of America WILL be rewritten in the next little while. I feel it so strongly. BUT I also see this time (and Obama) as a huge gift to America. Before you slap me... I have come to know that when our faith is most tested by things and people around us, it is ALWAYS a gift/opportunity to re-examine our hearts, our faith. I always come out stronger having gone through that process...

I totally believe that it is ALL a gift - and Obama is here at this time, for a very specific reason for America, and NO, it is not what he, or his minions, think. Great days ARE ahead for America. As Churchill would call it: your "finest hour".

Faith. It is all about faith.

I am reminded of what JFK said: Ask not what your country can do for you. Instead ask what YOU can do for your country. I fervently believe that for many patriotic Americans, NOW is the time when the answer to that question must be: Take your country back.

God bless America.

*[Also published on Family Security Matters here]*

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