Friday, August 28, 2009

Police Officer: "It ain't[ America] no more"

Came across the following:

And there you have it. No editorialising needed from me.

[Update: Found the following comment on Flopping Aces here

I have responded to this outrage by e-mail to the Reston police dept. Also you can phone 703-478-0904 and voice your complaint to Capt. Deborah L Burnett. The e-mail address is

You know what to do!]

[Update on the

More info (unverified) about Officer “this ain’t America no more” Cheeks: Wesley Cheeks Jr. is not an employee of any police department. He is a security of the School district and the number to call is: (571) 423-1000 S…ecurity phone number is (703) 658-3763 and email for Fred Ellis, Director of safety and security is

the superintendant’s office:

Jack D. Dale
Division Superintendant… Read More

Richard Moniuszko
Deputy Division Superintendent

Christine Donohue
Chief of Staff
8115 Gatehouse Rd.,

Falls Church, VA 22042
(571) 423-1010

(571) 423-1007 (Fax)

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