Friday, August 7, 2009

Smashing the Left With a Calibrated Pile Driver

I know we are already seeing Pelosi accusing any dissenters of using nazi tactics, and the msm describing civilised protesters at Town Hall meetings (what few the Dems have the errrrrrr nerve to hold) as angry mobs. We know this is not the truth, and today I was sent a reminder of a good way to respond to all the outrage flying across America these days. Read on:
Smashing the Left With a Calibrated Pile Driver
-Patrick S Lasswell

The left is exposing eggshell weakness with their literally radical mishandling of the health care juggernaut as well as the economy and they are about to be hit with a pile driver of American anger. The great proof pile drivers is that you can set an egg in a glass and crack the egg without smashing the glass; this must be our goal, to strike with great force and great precision. Here's why...

Barack Obama is for many a mythical figure and the folks who strike them down never get elected in response. Nobody goes on and on about how Achilles was just asking for it by running around without proper protective gear and a flawed operators manual from his mom. Daedealus always gets a bum rap for letting Icarus exceed the clearly stated flight envelop of his aircraft. Finally, nobody thanks Barabbus for putting that nice Jewish boy out of his misery.

I am not saying we should back down, the stakes are far too important and the issues are too pressing. I am saying we need to operate with enthusiasm and calculation to achieve a clear goal. We cannot be a bull chasing after waving red flags. Irresistible force going too far is what is wrong with all too many of the opposition's excesses. Unless you think that 1,000 page bills passed in less than a week represents contemplative restraint?...

There is more of this common sense over at Moderate Risk here.

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