Friday, August 28, 2009

B*N*S*N: Gilad is 23 today

Today, I am focusing on Gilad Shalit as my only B*N*S*N story. This is NOT a good news story - yet - but it is about a soldier serving his country. Gilad's story is one that you probably haven't seen in the msm. I have also moved up the post about Tweeting for Gilad, which is now directly below this post.

The B*N*S*N series was started as my small contribution to sharing the stories you won't find in the msm. As time has gone on, we have all seen the msm focus almost entirely either on the bad news - or just quoting statistics. Good News Friday, which I renamed as B*N*S*N in this corner of Bratville, was designated as the one day a week when a group of bloggers would focus on the good news out of Iraq and Afghanistan, to prove that our troops are doing far more than we usually see in the headlines.

Today is Gilad's 23rd birthday, and even though the msm won't be highlighting this day, some of us have not forgotten.

Israeli Soldier's Mother is a source I go to constantly for updates. Earlier this week, I told of the Tweet for Gilad campaign.

Israeli Soldier's Mother said (in part) :

Happy birthday, Gilad - may the next one find you home, healthy and safe with your family. May you know, wherever you are today, that we love you and think of you often. Our hearts break for you today, for your parents, Noam and Aviva, and for your sister, Hadas. You probably don't know this, but today, she enters the Israeli army to begin her service...the same service you have yet to end.

Happy birthday, Gilad - you are forever in our hearts.

She says more, and you can find the rest of that here.

Today, keep Gilad and his family in your thoughts, and pray that next year he celebrates his birthday at home, where he belongs.

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Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Gilad. You are not forgotten.