Tuesday, August 18, 2009

From an Army Mom

Remember this Every Day Hero I told you about a while back? He is home right now, and yet his mum is still supporting all our troops. She sent an email out the other day, and has given me permission to share it with you:
Hey everyone:

I know times are tough right now and I also know the subject of the war is getting old. However, there are over 1,000 Soldiers (Seabees, Airman, Marines and Coasties) on the Soldiers' Angels waiting list to be adopted. There are 1,174 this morning, to be exact. People are losing interest in supporting our troops. People are losing interest in the war. Why? The War on Terror continues! The ONLY way to save your kids or grandkids from participating in the War on Terror is to GET'ER DONE right now!

I realize no one is hearing the positive things our troops are doing in Iraq and A-Stan. The media doesn't air the positive things for some strange reason. I can tell you I read about it in every letter I get from a Soldier. I hear it from the horse's mouth! We are doing wonderful things over there, humanitarian runs to all the little villages in A-Stan, meetings with the tribes leaders, building schools, furnishing supplies for schools, getting students to college in Iraq. All those things will leave the next generation in better hands over there.

The war continues, and our support continues. Those are still our American Heroes over there and no matter what, every day they are making sacrifices, by doing what they are doing over there. They are still away from their family and friends, in a foreign land, and living in less than perfect conditions.

They are still FIGHTING the War On Terror and they still need our support.

Please consider adopting a Soldier of your own! One letter a week and one package per month isn't that much. The package does NOT have to be a big one. Everyone knows that times are tough right now, even the Soldiers. A magazine and a pack of gum in a package is fine to send to a Soldier. The main concern is to hear his/her name at name call. They don't care what they are receiving. They DO care that someone still cares for them enough to send it.

For those of you who are in the military and have been on the receiving end of our support, consider PAYING IT FORWARD to another member in the armed forces. Reach out to someone who is standing where you once stood.

If you can't adopt a Soldier of you own, at this time, consider a donation to the organization. Please go to soldiersangels.org and find out if this may be something of interest to you.

Thank you for supporting our troops.
Proud Army Mom

Leave it to an Army Mom to say it so well. Thank YOU, Donna...

Let's GET 'ER DONE! Thank you.


Anonymous said...

When I saw the total of troops waiting, it was over 1200, and I nearly fainted. I adopted a second official soldier. I'm so happy that he asked for snacks. LOL Looooove shopping for snacks!

Adopting troops is hands down the best thing I've ever done with my life!


brat said...

Thank YOU, Sylvia! :)