Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Healthcare debate: Some pesky facts

Found at Wake Up America:

Fact About Healthcare As It Stands

All this talk of a single payer, public option aka government run healthcare system and none of it addresses what is truly wrong with the system we have right now and how it could be fixed instead of changed completely.

Having formerly worked for a doctor and then a payer for insurance companies, I have a few facts of life that everyone doesn't know and perhaps they should.

First, how many of you know that a doctor, to be able to be accepted and payed for seeing a patient under certain plans, has to sign a contract stating they will accept (XXX percentage of their actual bill) to be allowed the privilege of seeing patients covered under that insurance company?

Sometimes that percentage is as low as 20 percent of the actual bill, leaving 80 percent of the work done, unpaid for.

If they don't sign those contracts, they are not an accepted physician under that plan and patients cannot go to that doctor and have the bills paid....

Wake Up America has more. Go read it here.

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