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Spc. Patricia Stofiel, of the Ohio Army National Guard Medical Detachment, takes the blood pressure and pulse on a young boy in Corinto, El Salvador on July 21 as a part of a U.S. Army Medical Readiness Training Exercise. The training exercise, which gave medical care to more than 7000 people, was carried out in partnership with the Government of El Salvador and consisted of four sites during ten days of treatment. (Photo courtesy of the Ohio National Guard)

Ohio Guard team provides medical care in El Salvador

By Spc. Sam Beavers
Ohio National Guard

MORAZAN, El Salvador (8/19/09) -- The crowd around Spc. Mariel Berio of the 684th Medical Company of the Ohio Army National Guard, has become a mob.

You’d think the Spanish speaking, patient administration specialist was giving away MP3 players rather than toothbrushes and toothpaste. Excited children clamor “pasta, pasta, pasta dientes” (toothpaste).

Berio tries to keep up with the demand and furiously distributes the box of dental care products, but soon the demand is too great and the day’s supply is exhausted.

“Regresan maƱana" (Come back tomorrow) is what she tells the ones that were too late.

Berio is a part of a group of 35 Ohio Guard medics and support Soldiers who treated more than 7,000 patients as part of a U.S. Army Medical Readiness Training Exercise here in the mountainous regions earlier this month....

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