Monday, August 17, 2009

A Letter to America

The signs are all there in America, and even as some are raising their voices, from where I sit most of America chooses to remain clueless. I have often written about the state of affairs in Britain, as she seems to be well on the way to being over-run by the murderous jihadists in her midst.

Meantime, the majority of Americans have blinders on. From Monkey in the Middle comes a "Letter to America" from a Briton who sees all too clearly the demise of the quintessential British values, with almost nary a whimper. It IS a clarion call to Americans:

A letter from an Englishman to the people of America
Dear Mr and Mrs America,

I am writing this letter to you in the hope that I can draw to your attention the dangerous route your country is taking,

I am naught but an ordinary Englishman who is seeing the danger signs springing up in the country where my children live, below is what I see happening in America, and I would not like to see the USA going down the same disastrous route that the UK has been taken by its government.

Many years ago, just after the small argument that America and Britain had over taxes,people from all over Europe migrated to the New World, they came for a new life and a new start, they did not come as French Americans, Dutch or German Americans or even English Americans, they arrived and became "Americans" , they signed up to the American way.

These people remembered their old country but were committed to their new one, its values principles and practices were the bedrock of their being in America.

These people set about building the most powerful country on the planet, they had a common aim, a common belief and a common will, that will was to build America for their children.

These people endured much hardship and privation but they did not give up, they were determined to build America...

Go read the rest here . Then, make a conscious decision if you, America, will sink into the abyss - SUBMIT to Islam - or fight in defiance to protect all that YOU hold most dear.

The choice is yours.

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