Friday, August 28, 2009

#Tweet4Shalit Campaign - August 26th

From Israeli Soldier's Mother:

A few months ago, on the anniversary of Gilad's 3rd year of captivity, I and some other "tweeple" began a campaign to get Gilad Shalit to the top of trend tracking. Our goal was to make more people aware of Gilad, the unfair and illegal conditions under which he is held and, ultimately, to do whatever we could to get Gilad home.

A new campaign, started by the Jewish Internet Defense Force (JIDF), has been launched and scheduled to run on August 26th, just two days before Gilad's 23rd birthday. Here's what JIDF writes about their upcoming campaign:

To get the scoop, and find out how YOU can get involved, go over to Israeli Soldier's Mother here.

Monkey in the Middle has something to say on this, also:

Happy Birthday Gilad Shalit!

Friday is Gilad Shalit's 23rd birthday. He should be spending it with friends and family, instead he is imprisoned by barbarians who flaunt the rule of International Law in Gaza.

It is time that Gilad is returned to Israel safe, unharmed and alive!

It is time that the International Red Cross fulfill their mandate given to them under the Geneva Conventions of War and demand that they get immediate access to him!

And I ask you to get involved. I ask you to sign the petition to the International Red Cross to do the job they are suppose to do. You can find the petition here....

Go read all of it here. Thank you.

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