Saturday, October 24, 2009

Afghanistan War, President Obama, Gates, troops

What is it going to take, Mr Obama? More voices clamouring for the POTUS to make a decision NOW!

The blurb beneath this video: On 29 August 2009, General McChrystal, commander in Afghanistan, said to President Obama, "if we don't get more troops on the ground, we risk failure." As of 22 October 2009, the President still has not made a decision. ...

I found the above on FaceBook via CJ...who says:

"GREAT, in-your-face video from Military Moms of America! This video
needs to be seen by every member of Congress and the President himself!"

And my friend Lynnis - proud patriotic American grandmother - adds her two cents' worth (okay, a dime's worth.) She gave me permission to reprint her comments here:

I concur!!

Mr. President,
You HAVE to stop your antics of "I'm president and can do anything I want".
Your inaction has extended well beyond a reasonable time line. You have debated with those whose opinions mesh with yours, and with those who disagree. You have sent envoys to Afghanistan to verify the request of a General that YOU put into place. You have been given enough evidence that time is of the essence. Please do not let any more of our men die as they wait for YOU, their C in C to give the go ahead or give a denial. A decision must be made. How many more war commanders do you need to tell you that this is important? ...

When, I ask, are you going to get off your high horse and make a decision?

Sir, WE, the American people who you swore to serve and protect are WAITING!! Do not let America become a country that is seen as being weak. WE ARE NOT. Nor will we be.

Our Military Men and Women are waiting, as well as their families, are waiting. The whole world is waiting... MAKE THIS DECISION NOW!!

Again, Mr Obama: WHAT is it going to take?

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K-Dubyah said...

Awww, thank you for thinking my words were worthy of use.