Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Nobel Peace Prize winner to win the war?

What an unreasonable expectation! From Family Security Matters:

October 13, 2009

Hey, You Can’t Expect a Nobel Peace Prize Winner to Win a War, Can You?

President Obama has said that the only option about his new Afghanistan strategy that he will not consider is withdrawing troops from the war-torn country. But after weeks of deliberating Gen. Stanley McChrystal’s recommendation to increase troop funding by as many as 40,000 troops, the president still hasn’t made up his mind whether to honor the general’s request.

Got my reputation to think about.

This should be the easiest decision any president makes. If your commander on the ground assesses the situation as ordered, and concludes he needs thousands of more troops to complete the mission, then give him what he needs. Why would he hesitate?

Anything less will either prolong the conflict or even lose the war. At the least, it will further deteriorate troop morale. Instead of making a decision, the White House floats excuses why troop increases might not occur.

Then he wins the Nobel Peace Prize.

I’m stunned he was nominated for the prize, considering he was in office for only 12 days before the nominations closed. I would hate to think that President Obama purposely delayed making his decision to send more troops to Afghanistan until the winner of the peace prize was announced, but, it looks that way to me. Announcing he will send more troops to kill poor Muslims might have jeopardized the award, or at least embarrass the Nobel committee. If you thought the president had a large ego before winning the Nobel Peace Prize, you can imagine the ego he has now. I was in office for 12 days and won the Nobel Peace Prize! Top that!

Will somebody please tell me what President Obama has done to deserve the Nobel Peace Prize? Even some left-wing bloggers and the Washington Post are dumbfounded by the decision....

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